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The University City, Missouri Comprehensive Plan Update is motivated by the desire for good long-term stewardship of the City’s many assets. It is a tool to prepare for change and will include recommendations for projects, policies, and programs to keep the City a desirable place in which to live, work, and play. Community engagement is an essential part of the comprehensive planing process. The process will be inclusive in order to yield an authentic community-driven plan for the future.

Why should I participate?

It’s your community. You are the expert.

We need your ideas, input, and feedback to ensure that the plan reflects community aspirations and aligns with the community’s vision as articulated through the previous visioning process. Who knows the community better than someone who lives and/or works here?

Now is the time.

University City has experienced significant change since the 2005 Comprehensive Plan. This is a good moment to both take stock of what is going well and proactively address emerging conditions and trends.

Build off assets and recognize challenges.

University City is a desirable place to live. The planning process will leverage the City’s many assets to help build an even better future. At the same time, the City has significant economic, social, and environmental challenges that must be directly addressed.

Everyone’s voice will be heard.

All participants’ voices will be heard. Your input will help make University City be the best place that it can be to live, work, and play.

This is a special opportunity.

The City is committed to creating a plan that is backed by the community, is implementable, and promotes an equitable and resilient community. These decisions will shape the community for years to come.

We’re in this together.

By joining across all parts of the City, we can unite to ensure that University City will thrive for future generations.

The Process

From its start, the planning process will span approximately sixteen months. Stakeholder and public engagement opportunities will start in November 2022 and there will be multiple ways to get involved.

Who is involved?

Public and Stakeholders

Targeted input and critical insight.

Public involvement is vital to the Plan’s success. Focus groups, stakeholder interviews, workshops, and online tools will offer a variety of ways for the community share their thoughts throughout the process.

Plan Commission

Land use and development.

The Plan Commission will guide the focus of the technical work and oversee the planning process. Their guidance and direction will be crucial to the work of staff, the consultants, and the Advisory Committee.

Advisory Committee

Process and topical expertise.

A volunteer Advisory Committee will help guide the plan process, with a focus especially on outreach and engagement. The group is representative of the City’s many diverse perspectives. The Advisory Committee with work closely with the Plan Commission, City planning staff, and planning consultant team.


Project management, local knowledge.

City staff will support and help to coordinate the work and will also provide local knowledge and expertise to each element of the plan.

Elected Officials

Advice, adoption.

City Council and the Plan Commission will inform work and will ultimately be tasked with approving and updating the plan.


Process leadership and expertise.

A consultant team will work closely with the staff, the Plan Commission, and the Advisory Committee to facilitate the process and share experience from other, similar communities.

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